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The fastest and most powerful
Web VFX engine

Quarks VFX engine supports a wide range of features including: Soft particle, PBR / sprites / trail / mesh rendering, Batch Rendering, and more.
three.quarks engine
VFX Editor

AI Powered
Cloud VFX Editor

With the first online AI powered VFX editor, you are able to store things in the cloud and work fully remote.

VFX Marketplace
to Download, Share Effects

Download 3d / VFX assets from the marketplace and use it in your project. Or share your own creation with the community.

What makes Quarks so special?

There are plenty of benefits when using Quarks

Blazing Fast

Blazing Fast

Built leveraging the WebAssembly, WebGPU, LLVM to build the fastest VFX engine in the industry

Easy to Integrate

Easy to Integrate

Integrate in minutes with less than 10 lines of code

Online / Web Editor

Online / Web Editor

The first web based VFX editor for a better user experience. Think what Figma did for design, Quarks is doing for VFX

Tons of Features

Tons of Features

Support billboard / mesh / trail renderer. compatible with Unity Shriken System. Batch rendering particle system with similar config


Simple and transparent pricing

We have three options for you, if you just want to get inspired it's completely free.



Perfect for anyone that just wants to give a try.

VFX Engine Integration

VFX Editor Access

VFX Marketplace Access

Can not export asset you made to JSON

Limited Support

5 Private Projects

Max 1 Team Size



Per Month per user

Great for personal use

All feature in Free package

Free to export asset to Three.quarks JSON

Discord customer support

Access to optimized engine

20 Private Projects

Max 3 Team Size



Per Month per user

Great for serious and professional users

All feature in Starter package

Multiple Collaborators

Unlimited Unity Asset Import

Customer support in 24 hours

50 Private Projects

Max 10 Team Size


Contact us to learn more

For organization looking for the best way to scale their VFX practices

Enterprise Pricing

Consultation Support in 10 hours

Dedicated Resource on Requested Features

100 Private Projects

Max 100 Team Size

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