The Fastest Real-Time Particle
VFX Engine
for Web Experiences

For Games, VR, AR, and UX

npm install three.quarks

Most performant VFX for building on the Web

We've spent years optimizing our WebGL renderer to deliver the fastest VFX engine for web experiences.

Massive library of features for users to leverage immediately

Support 4 type of renderer, mesh surface spawner, user extension and customization, feature parity with Unity's Shuriken Particle system, etc.

People love Three.quarks

Take a look at what our happy users have said!

customer marcel
Marcel Wiessler
Founder, Needle.Tools
"Porting to your engine took maybe a day and performance is great."
customer Arpu
"We tested different particle systems and wrote our own but at the moment, Quarks looks most advanced and the simulation is done on GPU which helps a lot."
customer Pigloo
Discord Member
"This library is so cool, thanks for putting it out there, def deserves more attention."